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How Many Gold Stocks Are There?

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If you’re considering investing in the gold market, you’re probably asking yourself, “How many gold stocks are there?” There are many different gold stocks, but which ones are best for you? Read on to learn about Agnico Eagle, Barrick Gold, Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd., Franco-Nevada Corp., and more. If you’re not sure where to start, try searching the various gold stock exchanges.

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Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.

Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. is a Canadian gold mining company that operates Macassa Mine and Macassa Mill. It owns several contiguous gold-producing properties and is in the process of developing a lode gold deposit. The company reports quarterly and annual earnings. Kirkland Lake Gold shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange and its shares can be purchased now or later. The stock has a 3.7 percent dividend yield.

Kirkland Lake Gold has a solid dividend payout ratio, but it may be investing its net profits for future growth. Kirkland Lake Gold last paid a dividend on 13 January 2022 to shareholders who purchased shares on or before 29 December 2021. The dividend payout ratio is above average, and is an indication of the company’s long-term success. Kirkland Lake Gold may be a good investment for income investors, but if you are not comfortable with dividend payouts, you may want to avoid this company.

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Agnico Eagle Mines Limited and Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. have completed a merger of equals. Kirkland Lake shareholders will receive 0.7935 common shares of Agnico Eagle for every Kirkland Lake share they own. The combined company will continue to trade under the name Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. The merger will be completed in December 2021. The transaction was approved unanimously by the board of directors of both companies. The companies have hired BMO Capital Markets as their financial and legal advisers. Kirkland shares will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange on February 9, 2022.

Although Kirkland Lake Gold has managed to identify important factors, risks, and uncertainties, certain statements in the press release contain forward-looking information. These statements include information regarding future exploration activities, anticipated production and distribution of dividends, cash requirements, and financial results. Kirkland Lake Gold is under no obligation to update the forward-looking information included in this release. Its stock price may fluctuate during this period. In addition, Kirkland Lake Gold shares may be delisted.

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The Truth About the Inflation Rate in the USA

Agnico Eagle

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited is a Canadian gold producer with operations in Canada, Finland, Mexico, and exploration activities in the United States. It is currently not selling any gold forward. That is, if the company is to produce gold in the near future, no forward sales would occur. However, this doesn’t mean that investors should avoid Agnico Eagle gold stocks. These shares aren’t suited for novice investors.

The silver stock is a great place to start investing, but how many Agnico Eagle gold stocks are there? Gold stocks are volatile, and the broader market is experiencing a lagging sentiment. Despite the lagging economy and the recent decline in the price of gold, Agnico has proven to be a solid investment. The company is trading for just fifteen times its FY2023 earnings estimates and yields a 2.9% dividend. This makes it a good choice for investors who want to earn a decent income without losing their shirt.

The company is currently producing around 4.5 million ounces of gold, which excludes its two largest silver mines, the Eagle Mine. However, the company is also generating significant amounts of gold through its existing portfolio. Therefore, Agnico Eagle doesn’t need to make major acquisitions in the near future. If they do, they should expect higher production levels and a larger dividend. There are many reasons to buy Agnico Eagle gold stocks.

This merger could generate $2 billion in synergies over the next 10 years. Despite this, gold mining reserves are shrinking due to underinvestment in exploration. Meanwhile, gold producers are facing rising production costs and inflation. Once the merger is completed, the combined company will continue to operate under the name of Agnico, with its board of directors comprised of directors from both companies. Moreover, Kirkland’s current CEO Tony Makuch will be appointed as CEO and Boyd will serve as executive chair.

Franco-Nevada Corp.

The Canadian-based Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNC) is a gold-focused royalty company with a diversified portfolio of cash-flow-producing assets. Its shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. However, there are risks associated with investing in the company. Here’s what you need to know before investing. Among the risks:

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Gold-focused royalty companies typically have lower operating costs and higher dividend yields. The Franco-Nevada Corporation owns a portfolio of royalty, stream, and working interests. The company has investments in the Cobre Panama copper reserve and the Antapaccay deposit. Its portfolio includes over 400 assets across Canada, the United States, and Australia. Some of its most prominent assets include Sudbury, Goldstrike, EaglePicher, Sandman, and Castle Mountain.

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While this company may not be a bargain, it has consistently increased its dividend. This is especially relevant for dividend investors. Even though the company is not cheap, its metrics are above peers, including GoldCorp and Newmont. It has zero debt and about $1.2 billion in available capital as of May 5th, 2021. Additionally, the company guides investors to an annual growth rate of 5%. In short, it has a solid dividend history, a long history of growth, and plenty of potential.

The yield is below treasuries and inflation. While Franco-Nevada’s yield is below treasuries, it offers a strong argument for investing in gold. Its share price is significantly higher than other gold companies, a premium that is justified by its diversification. The company is free of debt, has excellent cash flow, and a solid balance sheet. However, it is important to note that the company is not a gold miner and cannot fully control the costs of production. Therefore, there are some risks associated with this company.

Barrick Gold

The question of how many gold stocks are there may be a good place to start. There are several ways to invest in gold companies. Barrick is a well-known company that produces gold in various parts of the world. It also has a high liquidity and high trading volume. You may want to consider purchasing shares of this company to take advantage of this company’s high profitability. Here are some of the benefits of investing in Barrick.

First, Barrick Gold Corporation has skyrocketed to new highs of $25 in early January. Barrick is one of the largest gold producers in the United States and Africa. Over 90% of its revenue comes from the sale of gold and copper, two commodities that are very dependent on commodity cycles. Prices of gold and copper reached all-time highs in 2011, when copper reached $4.50 per pound and gold climbed to $2000/ounce. Recent strength in the 2023 copper futures contract has helped Barrick’s stock price rise considerably.

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Another reason to invest in Barrick Gold stock is the prospect for future gold deposits. The company is constantly exploring new land and working to develop new mines. It is committed to pursuing long-term assets and the highest operating margins. As one of the world’s largest publicly-traded mining companies, Barrick’s high production levels are a big selling point. Ultimately, this results in strong revenues and profits for shareholders.

With its newest flagship mine in Australia, Barrick’s growth is expected to continue accelerating. Its in-mine growth is also strong, and its land surrounding flagship mines is attractive for regional exploration. Moreover, the company’s dividends have been consistently increasing year-over-year. Furthermore, its projections for 2020 revenue increase by 9%. Further, the company is investing heavily in the Rare Metals Recovery Company, a relatively new company that focuses on mining and exploration in high-demand regions.


When investing in gold stocks, you should consider the Toronto, Canada-based Franco-Nevada Corporation. This royalty company has a diverse portfolio of cash-flow-producing assets. Shares of Franco-Nevada are traded on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is one of the most liquid gold stocks available today, and you should consider adding it to your portfolio as soon as possible.

As the world’s largest royalty company, the Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV) offers gold investors the option of buying into both exploration and gold prices. Its share price is quoted in US dollars, so you can buy now or wait until prices drop. There are a number of pros and cons to purchasing shares of Franco-Nevada, so research the company’s business before investing in Franco-Nevada Gold Stocks.

The company has consistently increased its dividend. It has a low risk of debt and is relatively safe. Sustainalytics ranks the company as the top gold company. ISS ESG rates Franco-Nevada Prime, while MSCI rates it as AA. The company is debt-free, with $1.2 billion in cash on hand as of May 5th. The company has guided for 25% revenue growth in five years, or 5% annual growth.

The recent downgrades to the company’s stock imply that the gold price will rise further in the future. Despite this, investors should consider buying Franco-Nevada Gold Stocks as a starting point. The stock’s performance surprised the market despite the lower gold price. It has a diverse asset base and is trading at a 2.8 P/NAV multiple. Its recent earnings release also indicates that the company is profitable.