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Is Oxford Gold Group Legit?

Is Oxford Gold Group Legit?

is Oxford gold group legit?

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Is Oxford Gold Group Legit? Keep reading for more infomation.

Most likely, you have been reading a lot recently about diversifying your investments by investing in gold and other precious metals. Many people are suggesting that we add precious metals into our portfolios, given the volatility of the stock market. We were inspired to investigate the Oxford Gold Group. Below is a summary of what we found.

It is important to note before we get into more detail with this review.

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Oxford gold group review

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Oxford Group Overview

Oxford Gold is an American-based precious metals dealer. Its headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA. The company was founded in 2017. They can sell any of the following precious metals:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

The company offers a variety of other services, in addition to selling gold or other metals. They will buy your gold. If you plan to sell your gold, there is one caveat. These companies will not offer you the price of replacing your item. This will be discussed in more detail later on in our “pros and cons” section. Is Oxford Gold Group Legit? More on that later in this article.

Gold IRA Retirement Accounts at Oxford Gold

Investors who wish to add precious metals (or other assets) to their individual retirement accounts (IRA) can use this service. Many people are attracted to this service because they want a variety of holdings in retirement planning. They advertise that opening a silver or gold IRA account is simple and easy.

After opening an account with Oxford Gold Group, money can be transferred from any existing account to your new gold IRA. On behalf of its customers, the Oxford Gold Group manages thousands upon thousands of silver and gold IRAs. The firm can help you create an investment strategy and place your own buy-and-sell transactions.

The staff is always researching the precious metals markets. This is an excellent feature, especially for those who don’t have the time or desire to do extensive research on their own. This responsibility seems to be taken very seriously by the company.

How the Oxford Gold Group Works When You Buy Gold

is Oxford gold group legit?

Customers can order almost any kind of precious metal product online. You can choose from a variety of silver and gold coins, which are priced according to the weight. You can also buy larger quantities of bullion and bars.

Your order will be shipped to any address in the United States. If you would like to keep your gold safe, Oxford Gold Group offers storage services. This option is often chosen by customers who have large amounts of precious metals to store in their Oxford Gold Group IRA.

Oxford Group Resources

is Oxford gold group a scam?

You have access to many resources if you are a customer of Oxford Gold Group. They encourage investors to make full use of these resources. They are committed to helping customers make better decisions about gold investing.

The firm offers a free resource that allows you to ask whether or not you are an active customer. This guide is for beginners about gold investing and includes recommendations on how precious metals can be used to grow retirement savings. The authors also explain how gold can be used to protect your assets in times of inflation. The guide also includes suggestions for how to open a self-directed silver IRA, 401K or gold IRA.

They have over 20 years experience in investment products, including precious metals. The founders talk about why they decided to start their own company. They had previously worked in brokerage firms that charged high fees to their clients. They wanted to provide the same level and expertise, but with lower management fees.

They also stress the importance of personal service. They seem to care about educating their customers. They are a young company that is privately owned. Perhaps this is why they can think outside the box to increase customer experience.

They are currently advertising a special offer for new customers. When a company offers something free, we advise that you read the fine print. You can get free gold when you fund an IRA account.

Is Oxford Gold Group Legit?

Researching a company is a smart thing to do before you give your hard-earned cash. According to their advertisements, Oxford Gold Group is the most trusted source of gold. They are the United States’ leading precious metals company.

Remember that nobody can predict the future price of silver and gold. The numbers look pretty good right now, it’s true. Experts agree that the inflation rate is already rising since January 2021. Inflation can affect stocks more than gold, which has historically been able to weather the storm better.

No matter how well-meaning precious metals companies may seem, they are only in it to make money. It’s a good idea to start slowly if you are serious about buying gold. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Oxford Gold Group is a great choice for this reason.

Next, we looked into the customer reviews for Oxford Gold Group. Online reviews are available at many. One topic is consistent. Many customers were satisfied or very satisfied by the company’s customer service. They are treated with kindness and respect by the people they deal. They feel free to ask questions and not under any pressure to purchase anything.

Customers like the idea that they can actually keep gold. This is an advantage you don’t get with mutual funds or other investment products in your IRA and brokerage accounts. Many reviewers stated that this was their first investment in precious metals.

Positive customer reviews make up the majority of the feedback. Many customers say they will continue doing business with Oxford Gold Group as they had a positive experience with the company. The firm currently has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. No evidence is available to suggest that Oxford Gold Group is fraudulent.

Oxford Gold Group Pros and Cons

You should be aware that there are both advantages and disadvantages to each.


  • Highly rated company 
  • You have flexibility with silver and gold
  • It’s easy to do business.
  • Service that is customer-oriented
  • Storage capabilities
  • Highly skilled staff.
  • 401Ks and IRAs that include gold and silver.
  • Possibility to invest in tax-deferred assets


  • The only thing is that Gold can not earn dividends or interest.
  • Unexpectedly, gold prices can fall.
  • In the event of a market decline. it could take longer for a recovery to occur.

Cons We mentioned earlier in this article that you could sell your gold to a company who buys gold. Consider this example. You most likely paid the market price for your gold when you purchased it. This is also what you would consider retail price. Let’s say you have a piece worth $2,700. You expect to receive $2,700 if you try to sell your piece of gold to a professional buyer.

Oxford Gold Group may surprise you when you sell your gold. Their cash offer for gold may be lower than you thought. This does not necessarily mean that they are not offering you fair prices. The same could be said for other gold companies. All of them work within a profit margin. The only way to make a profit is by buying low and selling high.

This is what happens when you sell a stock share. When you sell the stock, it will have a qualified value. The value of the stock if it is trading at $75 per share is what you will receive when you decide to sell it. You will pay $75 per share if you buy more. The performance and growth of the company determine the value of an individual stock. This is different from the gold market but does not mean you can’t make money in precious metals markets. Many people have done so.

When you are looking to enter the gold market, timing is crucial. Oxford Gold Group can help with this. Their research team is more attentive than the average investor to the market. They are dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals.

They have a strong online presence and advertise on many media platforms. The company has many satisfied customers and has seen rapid growth in the past four years. They are doing a great job marketing their physical and financial gold and look set for continued growth.

Our Conclusion

We were unable to find any negative aspects about the company. They keep their promises and don’t over-promise unrealistic results. Oxford Gold Group makes it easy to begin investing in gold slowly for new investors. They offer precious metal coins at an affordable price and don’t require a minimum purchase. They will work hard to earn and keep your trust. The team at this company understands that building relationships is the best way for customers to remain loyal over the years.

They are proud to have had so many loyal customers since the beginning. Although there are many precious metals companies operating in the U.S.A, some have a poor reputation. Many Oxford customers state that they won’t do business with any other precious-metals company.

Oxford Gold Group is available to help new customers. They can help you rollover your IRA to a tax-deferred, gold IRA. They offer the finest quality gold, palladium, silver, platinum and platinum products. Your order will be delivered promptly in secure packaging and shipped free of charge. Their product descriptions were very clear and informative. We looked around the site. The Oxford website is easy to navigate, and the guide for gold buyers is well-written and professionally presented. It contains many educational and interesting facts, as well as historical data on gold market trends.

How long has Oxford Gold Group been in business?

Oxford Gold Group has been in business since 2017. The company was founded by a team of experienced financial professionals with a vision for revolutionizing precious metals. While most companies of its kind have 50+ years of experience, Oxford Gold Group only has 5 years under its belt—which is still plenty of time to build an impressive track record. Investors should always look for transparency in a bullion broker’s history, and Oxford Gold Group delivers on that front.

Since being founded in 2017, Oxford Gold Group has established a good reputation in the industry. Many of its business practices are praised by its customers, with many saying they prefer doing business with Oxford Gold Group over other companies of its kind. As one reviewer put it: So glad I found them.

Is the Birch gold Group a good company?

One of my readers sent me an email asking whether she should invest in The Birch Gold Group. I found a lot of good things about it and there is nothing really bad about it either. But like every company, it has both positives and negatives. There are things that I personally liked about The Birch Gold Group and there are some other aspects that may not suit my taste. Let’s look at these individually for a better understanding of what The Birch Gold Group is all about.

I would say that it is a good company but then again, it depends on what your objectives are. If you are looking for a company which can make handsome profits from small changes in gold prices, then The Birch Gold Group might not be for you. In such situations, investors are generally advised to either use stop loss order or buy and hold strategy. On other hand, if you have cash lying in your bank account and looking for places where one can invest their money, The Birch Gold Group can serve as a good alternative to just holding it in your current account.

What is IRA Approved Gold?

IRA Approved Gold is sold through a Gold IRA Company. IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. A 401(k) plan and an IRA are both types of retirement savings accounts in which money can be invested tax-deferred until it is withdrawn after retirement. Both are useful ways to save for retirement, but there are differences between them that should be considered before making a decision about where to invest your money.

Both 401(k) plans and IRAs have advantages and disadvantages, and you should consider both before deciding where to invest your money. If your retirement money is invested in a 401(k), for example, you may not be able to withdraw it until a certain age or face penalties that reduce your returns. IRA Approved Gold IRAs are often funded with after-tax dollars, which means that investment gains are taxed again when withdrawn from an IRA instead of being tax-deferred as they would be in a 401(k). However, once funds have been withdrawn from an IRA at retirement, there are no further required minimum distributions (RMDs), though there may be fees if funds aren’t withdrawn by age 701⁄2.

One important distinction between a 401(k) and an IRA is that IRAs allow for additional savings in addition to investments, as long as they are within IRS limits. This can be particularly useful if you want to be able to save up more than $5,500 each year ($6,500 if age 50 or older), which is the most allowed by law in a traditional IRA. Other financial products may also provide more flexibility when it comes to saving for retirement than IRAs do, such as annuities or regular savings accounts. Annuities have several similarities with IRAs, including tax-deferred growth and RMDs once withdrawn; however, annuities offer more investment options and typically come with lower fees than IRAs.

Can I store my gold IRA at home?

Not only is storing gold bullion in your home a bad idea, it’s actually quite illegal. When storing your precious metals at home, there’s always a risk of theft, fire or water damage and even natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. If an emergency happened that caused damage to your property, you would not be able to get compensation from your insurance company since they don’t cover damaged or stolen metal. You would also be considered as breaking federal law when transporting your IRA account from one bank or brokerage firm over another because personal possession of government-issued currency is prohibited by U.S. Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 17, Section 471. 

This means if you were caught with gold coins stored in your home (even if they belonged to someone else), you could face up to five years in prison and fines up to $250,000! There are many reputable companies out there that offer secure storage for all types of precious metals including gold coins and bars. These companies offer vaulted storage where your physical assets are kept safe behind multiple layers of security 24 hours a day. Many companies will even pay for insurance on their storage facilities so if anything happens while under their care (like flood or earthquake), your investment will still be protected.

As with any investment, it’s important to do your due diligence before choosing a company that will store your precious metals. Don’t just go with a company because they offer low-cost storage or are local to where you live. Check for reviews on companies that might not be well known such as independent bloggers or research articles online by trustworthy sources. Look for at least three written reviews and try to find negative reviews. If you don’t see anything mentioned about lost assets then consider them a reputable company.

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